Price: $24,999 $22,999


  • Condition: Used vehicle
  • Manufacturer: Travel Lite
  • Model: 750SL
  • Year: 2019
  • Stock #: TR3467
  • Type: Truck Camper
  • Exterior colour: Black


  • Air Conditioner (Rooftop)





The Travel Lite 750SL is a truck camper model manufactured by Travel Lite RV. Here's a description of the 2019 Travel Lite 750SL truck camper:

1. **Compact Design**: The 750SL is designed to fit on smaller trucks, providing a compact and lightweight camping solution for adventurers who want to explore off-grid locations.

2. **Slide-Out Dinette**: Despite its compact size, the 750SL may feature a slide-out dinette area, which expands the interior space when parked, providing more room for dining and relaxation.

3. **Sleeping Accommodations**: It typically offers sleeping accommodations for up to three or four people, with a cabover bed and possibly a convertible dinette or additional sleeping space.

4. **Kitchenette**: The camper is likely equipped with a small kitchenette area, featuring a sink, stove, and refrigerator, allowing you to prepare meals and snacks while on the road.

5. **Wet Bath**: Many truck campers include a wet bath, combining the toilet and shower into one space-efficient unit.

6. **Storage**: Despite its small footprint, the 750SL likely offers various storage compartments and cabinets for storing camping gear, clothing, and other essentials.

7. **Off-Grid Capability**: While specific features may vary, the camper may include options for off-grid camping, such as solar panels, propane systems, and freshwater tanks.

8. **Lightweight Construction**: Travel Lite RV specializes in lightweight construction techniques, making their campers suitable for smaller trucks without sacrificing durability or comfort.

Overall, the 2019 Travel Lite 750SL offers a compact and versatile camping solution for truck owners who want to explore the great outdoors without the need for a large motorhome or trailer. Its lightweight design and functional layout make it well-suited for adventurers seeking simplicity and mobility on their travels.


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