Welcome to the premier “playground” for outdoors and motorsport enthusiasts – St. Helen, Michigan. This is a true “hidden gem” tucked away in the beautifully forested Michigan interior. With a stunning 2,200-acre lake, public beach, 300+ miles of off-road recreation trails, camping resorts and more, St. Helen is, without a doubt, the outdoor activity “capital” of the U.S. mid-east.

And that’s why Tilbury Auto Sales & RV was so excited to have St. Helen Power Sports RV & Auto Sales join our family in the fall of 2022. Located in the heart of St. Helen, our new dealership is integrated into the community and its culture and well positioned for the heavy volumes of traffic we receive. The experience of our CEO Lindsay Belanger in engaging with the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Lindsay has “felt the love” and acceptance from the community as the new guy in town.

“The community has been very real to me, very warm. They’ve taken me in like a long lost friend,” he said. In just over six months, Lindsay has discovered that the attraction of St. Helen is not just the fun and beauty it offers but also its friendliness, openness and acceptance.

St. Helen stands apart as a unique place to experience fun and adventure in a wide variety of ways within a warm and welcoming community. Matt Henning, Sales Manager at St. Helen Power Sports, shared his thoughts: “It’s a different world here in St. Helen. Here, we’re allowed to ride on the streets. We’re allowed to ride golf carts, mini bikes, side-by-sides, basically anything with a motor.” It’s commonplace to drive by restaurants, gas stations and even our dealership in town and see ATVs and UTVs parked outside.

If you’re a fan of camping, boating, fishing, side-by-side off-roading, ATVs and dirt biking, then St. Helen is the ultimate playground you need to experience. Its rich natural environment provides the perfect backdrop for all your outdoor adventures. Nature comes alive in every way in St. Helen, providing an opportunity to create lifelong memories; and with every visit, there’s always something new to discover.

“This is an unbelievable area; it truly is. It has trees, it has sand, it has water, it has beauty,” says Lindsay. Regardless of which natural terrain you prefer or which outdoor activity really “rocks you out,” your experience in St. Helen will hold a special and enduring place in your heart.

For Canadians, St. Helen is just a short, leisurely drive across the border – with unforgettable outdoor experiences waiting for you to enjoy. St. Helen Power Sports is dedicated to providing quality equipment, parts, service, apparel and support for all motorsports enthusiasts – from beginners to professionals – who come to the area. St. Helen Power Sports supports and cultivates the vibrant St. Helen outdoors and motorsports community. Along with all the outdoor fun, the locals add to the charm and appeal with their welcoming nature and willingness to share their knowledge and experience.

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just looking to take in the great outdoors, St. Helen has something for everyone. This 2023 season, come and experience the “Exit 222 Lifestyle.” You’ll never want to leave and will always be eager to come back.